World Water Week (and Why You Should Care)

flowing_waterMonday, August 27th kicked off the 2012 annual World Water Week hosted in Stockholm. The event seeks to bring the world together to solve issues regarding resource management, filtration, and transportation for clean water. This year focused heavily on the impacts of climate change and how we can adapt to changing global and local weather patterns. There was also an abundance of seminars regarding sustainable farming practices for developing (and developed) nations.

According to their official website, World Water Week has been hosted in Sweden’s capital since 1991 with the ultimate goal of taking these discussions “beyond rhetoric to provide real answers to the world’s water, environment and development challenges”. By joining together the best and brightest scientists, politicians, environmentalists, and business owners in an environment of equal and open discussion, unique and forward-thinking answers to age-old dilemmas can foster and grow into applicable solutions.


It’s important that we realize the importance of water in our world and the responsibility we have as American’s to responsibly manage this delicate resource, especially considering the US Drought Monitor’s website clearly showswell over half of the United States is experiencing “moderate” to “severe” drought. This is an alarming and under-reported statistic, and it brings home the reality of climate change, whatever the source or method of occurrence.

garbage_patchAnother startling (and under-reported) artifact of human impact is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a vortex of trash, chemical sludge, and invisible, nano sized particles of plastic, with size estimates ranging from twice the size of Hawaii to larger than the continental US. The major mass of this island of pollution cannot be see by the naked eye because plastic breaks down into tiny pieces, often containing toxins such as BPA, that are eventually absorbed by smaller ocean life that effects the entire food chain, including humans.


Earl’s Plumbing has the stated mission of providing excellent plumbing service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. But our creed as plumbers goes far beyond simple repairs and clogged toilets: running water is essential to life, and a limited commodity at that. Many populations around the world don’t enjoy the same benefit of clean water that flows on demand, is filtered by municipal (or private) filtration technology, and can be heated to comfortable cleaning and bathing temperatures at will. We’re doing our duty for this year’s World Water Week by sharing a few topics of interest for the community, as well as providing that same, excellent service we mentioned.

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