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  • 18 Years Serving Northern California with over 35 THOUSAND jobs completed. That’s a lot of references. Call for as many as you like.
  • Unmatched Quality. Our plumbers are trained to the highest degree of skill to make sure your plumbing problem is solved quickly and correctly.
  • Lifetime Warranties available on new plumbing. You get hassle-free top-quality installations for your peace of mind. No repairs…ever!
  • Fast, Effective “Drain Relief.” Let us get your drains draining again! They will go from “soppy and slow” to clean and quick!
  • Water Heater Repairs and Replacements: Sometimes you want to be in hot water! Call us. We’ll get it for you.
  • Up Front Pricing – With our FREE in home quotes, you know the price before we start. No surprises – Just honesty.
  • FREE installation analysis and recommendations for your next plumbing, pump, or remodel job. No obligation or cost to you.

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Keith White
Keith WhiteThursday, June 8th, 2017 at 3:45am
Jason completed a very throrough and complete maintenance and inspection of my tankless hot water heater and water system.
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From a customer...

I contacted you in Dec. 2016 you sent a young man out who was the epitome of professionalism, I hoped that would be the last I saw from you good folks for a while but that was not to be, late on a January 2017 night i had a pipe burst in my wall again, Earls to the rescue the young man that showed up at nearly 8:00pm that cold rainy night, seemed to be even more professional than the first! (my wife actually wanted to adopt him) again he was diligent and very careful of my home he suggested options and gave recommendations in the end we compromised, using some of his suggestions while trying to adhere to my budget since i was between paychecks ( it didn't work BTW!) he left and i had repaired pipes new washer hoses and 1/4 turn spigots, 1 less thing to do over the long run. and now here it early March, i came home and found i had no water, the well wouldnt run i called and as usual, Earls could have a man out the next morning, i was so grateful as i really wanted a shower and had no way to take one, the next morning Jason shows up and I'll be danged! they just keep getting more and more professional! in under and hour he breaks the bad news, ... need a new pump i figured that but armed with my home warranty was slightly less fearful so the pump truck is on the way and as usual my wife and I are amazed at the caring response form the guys in the field and Tina in the office, hopefully in a couple of hours we'll have water and i'll be scheduling my house for a re-plumb. you guys really are a top shelf provider! please, never change! were a customer for life!

-Trevor H
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